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As with all our vehicles we convert our small van range with operator and road user safety in mind. We are able to provide this product on various chassis lengths and from different chassis manufacturers.

We are led by our customers in this range and what our customers specific chassis preference is. Likewise, when it comes to the specification of the vehicles we can vary many different aspects of the vehicle conversion and electrical installation to meet you criteria.    

On our hire fleet we have a mixture of Mercedes, Peugeot and Renault. All offer a superb vehicle for the day to day rigours of road life. Available as in full Traffic Management specification with the rear interiors panel lined.

Full Rear Chapter 8 Livery

All our small van range comes with fully compliant rear Chapter 8 markings and chevrons.

Full Conspicuity Markings 

All leading edges on our vehicles are marking in accordance with Chapter 8. This includes all leading edges and door apertures and both near and offside conspicuity markings 

Rear Amber Flashers 

Rear amber flashers are fitted to all our small van range to ensure visibility in addition to the compliant roof beacon bar. 

Front Amber/White Flashers

As with the majority of our vehicle range we install duel colour front flashers which show both white and amber. 

Rear Ply Lined Cargo Area

We ply line all the rear cargo areas on our small van vehicles. This helps in reducing the damage to the internal panels of the vehicle and the cargo. 

Comfortable Smart Interior

All our small van range have a comfortable smart interior, with Air Conditioning and Satellite Navigation as standard.




When we sell or hire one of our small van range range, we provide our customers with a full service and support back up UK wide. 

We have experienced and qualified service engineers who attend to any service requirements of the vehicle, be that annual testing and servicing or in field breakages and repairs.

Every vehicle we provide comes with a parts and construction warranty program, to know more please contact us for further information.


We have consulted and designed different variants of our small van range vehicles for multiple clients to varying specifications and requirements.

If you would like to purchase or design your own small van range or to enquire about our current hire fleet availability then please contact us on 01257 367710