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We provide a comprehensive range of blue light and emergency conversions, including Police, Ambulance, Fire, Mountain Rescue and Coast Guard vehicles.  

In addition BTHS able to provide specific event or track support vehicle conversions to individual requirements.   


Grill and Hideaway 

Our conversion options include grill/hideaway options and HL headlamp and fog flash options, depending on individual force and vehicle requirements. 


CANBUS Control

With fully programable CANBUS control systems BT-HS are able to utilise existing vehicle lighting options to use flashing OEM lighting like rear red fog patterns.


Lightbar Options

Fully populated, part populated, with or without front takedown lights, with or without rear red options and alley light options. BT-HS can install, amend varying CAN controlled light bars to meet your specifications.


Livery Options 

Either full side or part sided battenberg, full or partial bonnet wrapping. BT-HS are able to complete all livery specifications required including force and safety related livery options.   


Side Illumination

Hideaway corner flashers or visual vertical flush mounted warning lights for body panels, wing mirrors or rails. Duel colour or single colour options are all available depending on the individual force and vehicle requirement. 


Performance Modifications 

BT-HS are also capable of amending existing power train and engine components to modify existing power and performance characteristic's of engines to suite operation needs.

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