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BT-HS are an approved supplier and distributor of the Traffix Devices Inc Scorpion Impact Attenuator. We fit the Scorpion on all our hire IPV's (Impact protection vehicles) and Crash Cushions as well as those we sell as new.

The Scorpion is known around the world and is a fully UK and worldwide compliant crash cushion. It was the first crash cushion to be tested and passed in the UK, including all the additional offset tests of 3-50, 3-51, 3-52, 3-53 it fully complies with Chapter 8 requirements and the DfT and NCHRP 350TL-3 specifications and UKTD49.

Made from four individual cartridge sections on a support frame, the cartridges are made from moisture proof aluminium with an internal aluminium honeycomb material. The curved side rails are made from aluminium, which is corrosion resistant and offers full vehicle width protection. The curved side rails are design to re direct vehicles away from the rear of the vehicle when impacted upon from the side.  


We build all our IPV's and crash cushions with the operator and road user safety as our first priority.

We design and build our vehicles to our customers exacting requirements.

Our hire fleet is designed by former and current traffic management operatives and come with the following features as standard.

6 recording CCTV cameras, free tracking and remote access, duel indicator and marker lamps down both the near and off sides, side scan and vulnerable user detection, full LED work lamps and storage illumination, Full LED light arrow with speedy deployment.

All backed up by FORS silver hire compliance and accreditation.

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Fold Down Cone Well Fronts

All our BT-HS hire IPV's come with the ability to fold down the cone well facia front to assist in the access and egress of the cone well. Fitted with speed sensors alarms.


Our Sliding Drop Sides

Sliding drop sides on our IPV's avoid the requirement for folding down normal drop sides into live lanes or verges. 


Colour Coded Load Lashings

We colour code all our load lashing points to provide clear indication of where the vehicle load can be secured. This avoids instances were loads are tied down against non load bearing points.


Fully Accessible Cameras

We fit as standard a 6 camera recording system to all our IPV'S. This gives the driver and the operatives the ability to have maximum visibility around the vehicles. The systems also come with remote download and tracking options availability free on our hire vehicles. 


Superior LED Illumination

Illuminated with duel LED lighting to ensure that all areas of the entire cone well are fully illuminated ensuring enhanced operator safety.   


Sliding Fall Arrest System 

All our IPV's come with our sliding fall arrest system. Like the sliding drop sides this removes the occasions for miss placement of removable fall arrest bars.


Colour Coded Handrails 

All our IPV's come with colour coded hand grab points and clear three points of access colours. These points are supplemented by three points of access signage.


Side Scan Detection

To help protect vulnerable road users we also install as standard to all our IPS'S an audible left turn alarm system, with additional side scan detection. You can be assured that all our hire vehicles are FORS Gold compliant. 


Emergency Stop Alarms

In both the offside and nearside cone wells we fit emergency warning alarms. These make a visual and auditable notification to the driver in the cab of the vehicle of any potential issues.


Full LED Lighting

The working areas on the rear and on the sides of the vehicle are illuminated with high powered LED spot lamps. With all the compartments also illuminated by LED lighting. We also illuminate the sign rack too!  


Cheese Wedges In Signrack

We place cheese wedges in to the sign rack. This is to ensure that any round signage placed in to the racking does not move and roll about out of reach or operatives while in travel.


Clear Safety Signage

On all our vehicle range, both hire and direct sales, we supply clear safety signage. Be that three points of access notifications, pinch points on the body or load level indication markers. 

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Every vehicle we convert comes with a full 3 year parts and construction warranty program

When we sell or hire one of our IPV'S we provide all our customers with a full service with our experienced and qualified service engineers. Available nationwide to attend to any of your service requirements, be that annual testing and servicing or in field breakages and repairs.

If you would like to purchase or design your own IPV or to enquire about our current hire fleet availability then please contact us on 01257 367710


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